Bring your consciousness back home

Since I can remember myself, I have had a deep and unrelenting urge to understand the meaning of life, to strive for the inner truth of my life, and to try to discover the secrets of existence.

Don't get me wrong - I was surrounded by a beautiful family, loving friendships and was blessed with many talents, but inside my mind I was scared and wondering. I felt a mystic longing towards an unknown being.

From an early age I asked existential questions -

Who am I in the world? What is my role? Why do people act the way they do? Why do I feel what I feel? What is occurring inside my head? What is occurring inside my body? What is the meaning of this life?

At 13, following a deep crisis in my personal life, I obsessively began searching for answers. My basic life experience was of distress, guilt and suffering. I was young, afraid and felt there is no person in my world that could help me. I had a strong yearning for knowledge that would help me deal with fears, anxieties, difficulty and discomfort and searched any piece of information that would help me understand the meaning of life, that would help me understand something about myself, about the world, that would help me survive.

I turned to modern psychology, delved into classic philosophy, moved on to Western philosophy, read poetry, absorbed any study, thesis, quotation, concept, expression, interpretation or insight.

I made myself into a loyal autodidact student, with inexhaustible curiosity and an existential need in dismantling the concept called "life”.

At 18, during my military service as a combat soldier, I conducted a survey among my close surroundings: I asked them what they found to be the most significant thing in life. 99% of them answered - love – on its various forms. Only my grandmother, Naomi Levi (her memory be blessed), who was the eldest and most experienced among the people I had asked, and an exceptional woman in herself, answered simply – that from her experience, the most important thing in life is complete peace with one’s self. My grandmother's answer had led me, back in those days, to go on a fascinating journey of exploration inspired by this concept.

How at peace am I with myself? Am I willing to come to peace with my past? With my present? What is the gap between my will to be completely perfect and my will to be at peace? What is a peaceful faith?

At 26 my path led me to a significant point in achieving my destiny – Emotion School of Listening, Being and Transformation, and encountered me with an inspiring teacher – Natalie Ben David.

At the age of 28, I've experienced a powerful mystical event, that influenced my entire life - I've met God.

I finally remembered and acknowledged the fact that God is the mysterious entity I have longed for all my life. Reconnecting with God brought me back to a place of pure love, unity, simplicity and joy. Believing in God's unending love and compassion has finally brought me peace. Thank God!

Over the years since, my conversations with God have led me to be exposed to the amazing wisdom of Israeli Torah, and to be fascinated by the Bible's inner secrets.

Along with my private studies of Torah, Kabbalah, and theories of physics, philosophy, and psychology, God has opened for me a gateway to a rich and fascinating world of exploration, observation, and listening.

Know yourself

We, humans, invest the majority of our time and money developing our careers, planning our futures, our hairstyles, designing our apartments, the clothes we wear, our possessions, our achievements and in chasing after what we believe we should have. Our lives are filled with noise, illusions, distractions, temptations, addictions, moments of highs and lows.

How often in our lives do we stop and allow ourselves the time and space to invest in training our faith?


In practising our gratitude?

In training our happiness?

In designing our being?

In observing deep into the secrets of the creation?

Our relationships?

Are we fulfilled with our lives?


Do we know what is our purpose?


Do I know who is God?

Through the process, I invite you to a joint observation of the questions that will arise, in this fascinating journey, called your life. I will be there to listen attentively, ask questions, observe and reflect and to help you become closer to yourself, closer to god, to choose your loves and to love your choices.

We often allow our lives to pass by like a movie, while we sit as bitter spectators, munching popcorn. I invite you to rise from your seat, and go meet the one who runs the whole show.

Though I am not promising you any results or specific outcomes, but I can offer you a partnership with the main producer, casting director, director, and screen-writer - who is God.

If you ask me, I see it as a deal worthwhile.

How about you?

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I live in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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